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Wafer Surface Cleaning Detergents

UDM Systems® AKLC300 series of products is ideal for wafer surface precision cleaning detergents.
AKLC300 is an excellent wetting and cleaning product with rinsing properties that reduces water surface tension by cleaning out SiC (Silicon carbide) dust and other contaminants on the wafer surface. It also eliminates Copper and Iron on wafer surfaces after the wafering and de-gluing process. Like all our products, it is environmentally safe.


UDM AKLC300 Detergent Concentrate

Wafer Surface Cleaning - AKLC300
  • AKLC300 series detergent solution has excellent water softening properties, thus allowing the special blend of surfactants in the product to provide good detergency and emulsification. These properties are essential for rapid cleaning and complete sawdust (swarf) removal.

  • Dilution ratio of DI/RO water:AKLC300 is 10:1 and 50:1
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