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FLC200 Surface Cleaning Agent

Surface Cleaning Agents - FLC200 Series

UDM Systems FLC200 Cleaning Solution concentrate is specially formulated aqueous concentrate designed to dissolve and remove the most difficult, baked-on, oily fluxes and residues left on parts after the soldering process.
A unique and efficient product, the UDM Electronic Cleaner removes oxides and contaminants, solder flux residue from printed circuit boards (PCB) after the surface mount technology (SMT) process.

UDM Systems FLC200 cleaner’s low surface tension and excellent wetting properties allows for penetration of isolated and tight-tolerance areas to quickly remove non-ionic and ionic contaminants left on circuit boards.

UDM Systems FLC200 Cleaning Solution concentrate is safe to use due to the following properties: nonabrasive, non-toxic, non-flammable, and fully water soluble. The FLC200 is completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly, thus eliminating the need for special handling or disposal.

Process Description

FLC200 concentrate combined with Ultrasonic cleaning process optimizes the removal of unwanted oxides, flux residue and contaminants. This method allows for complete removal of solder flux residue from beneath the components and near the undersides of solder balls. The residue is flushed out and dissolved by the aqueous combination of (DI-water) and FLC200 concentrate using external agitation.


  • Mix FLC200 concentrate with 1-200 parts DI water or fully concentrated depending on application.
  • Heat Ultrasonic cleaning solution to 40-60°C.
  • Submerge components in solution.
  • Sonicate for 10-30 minutes or longer while maintaining temperature at 40-60°C.
  • Remove from bath and rinse with DI water.
  • Allow to air dry or Oven dry.

Features & Details

  • Quickly dissolves unwanted flux and oxide residue
  • Zero residue
  • FLC200 applications: electrical/ electronic/ heat sinks/PCBs
  • Prevents oxidation from improper cleaning
  • Allows for quick and easy clean-up
  • Biodegradable
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