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Semiconductor Solutions

Which Semiconductor product is right for you?

At UDM Systems®, all of our products are eco-friendly and we pride ourselves on being completely biodegradable, non-corrosive and non-hazardous. UDM offers many solutions to suit your wafer dicing/singulation needs.

  • arrowSemiconductor - Wafer
    Wafer following circuit formation process
    Wafer enters back-end processes after circuit/chip formation.
  • arrowSemiconductor - Wafer Mounting
    Wafer mounting
    Dicing tape is applied to rear of wafer to hold wafer in place on film frame.
  • arrowSemiconductor - Wafer Dicing
    Wafer dicing (wafer cutting)
    Chips or die are separated during wafer dicing process.

  • arrowSemiconductor - Wafer Rinsing/Cleaning
    Rinse/clean and dry wafer
    Wafer is spin rinsed with deionized water and spin dry.
  • arrowSemiconductor - Wafer Inspection
    Wafer inspection (analyzing for defects)
    Wafer is inspected manually or automated to identify any defective die.
  • Semiconductor - Chip Sorting
    Pick and place / sorting process
    The individual chips or die are picked from the tape and packaged.

Why Choose Our Products?

Both LDS and AD model dispensers are specifically engineered to work with all UDM Systems® L-Series Products. By using our L-Series products with our dispensers to precisely inject the proper amount of additive to the deionized (DI) water reduces water surface tension and allows cooling water to penetrate down in the Kerf. Heat transfer optimization, extended blade life, electrostatic discharge reduction and improved wafer and die reliability are what you can expect from our products.
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