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Fluid Dispensing Systems

UDM Systems® offers various lubricant dispensing systems that are designed to give you enhanced performance.
The ADU series system offers manual settings and high capacity, which makes it the favorite tool for most large facilities. The use of high quality pumps and simple saw integration make this reliable workhorse our most popular, with hundreds of installations throughout the globe.

The new ADU-E1 is the next generation in the ADU lineup. The ADU-E1 offers the same features and hardware quality of the ADU series, along with sophisticated systems that allows you to control and observe surfactant flow. Users can also connect via MODBUS TCP/IP to observe system condition implement factory automation.
The LDS series system is a Windows PC operated closed loop system designed to ensure perfect mixing ratio at all times.

UDM Systems® strives to provide the right products to fit your needs, whether for high volume production or research and development work.

ADU Series

The UDM Systems® ADU Series Dispensers are designed as auto dispensing systems to support single or multiple sets of dicing saws.
The ADU series can be synchronized with the dicing saws to precisely dispense the required volume of the UDM Systems® dicing lubricant into the saw DI water inlet hose. The lubricant flow is precisely controlled by the use of digital metering pumps.

ADU Series Dispensers can be configured to support from 1 to 4 dicing saws. ADU Series dispensers are wired into dicing saw electronics. The dispensers are configured so they only dispense dicing lubricant when the attached saw is dicing wafers.
ADU 14E1 Fluid Dispensing System

ADU-E1 Series

ADU-E1 series dispensers, like the original ADU series, can be configured to support from 1 to 4 dicing saws.
The ADU-E1 is wired into the dicing saws so that each pump runs independently as each saw requires lubricant. The ADU-E1 can also be connected via a MODBUS TCP/IP connection, giving process engineers the ability to observe and automate surfactant consumption.

ADU Series Dispensers

  • ADU-11E1 (Single Saw)
  • ADU-12E1 (Dual Saws)
  • ADU-13E1 (Three Saws)
  • ADU-14E1 (Four Saws)
UDM ADU-E1 Dispenser
ADU-E1 Control Screen
The ADU-E1 also has advanced features such as leak detection and liquid level monitoring.
This tool is designed to keep factories up and running. Dicing saws are expensive equipment, and they are more expensive when they are idle. Engineers use the ADU-E1 to improve equipment utilization and reduce labor costs.

ADU-14E1 Smart Dispenser

UDM ADU-14E1® is designed for precisely injecting and dispensing liquid material into main flow of dicing saw.
  • In Line with dicing saw.
  • SEMI-S2 certified.
  • Link to 4 dicing saws or 2 dicing saws (ADU-12E1).
  • HMI touch panel, friendly operation, no learning curve.
  • Full-Time auto calibration and pumps are effectively monitored; errors will be feedback to host.
  • Mode: Metering or Rating.
  • Login password to avoid wrong operation.
  • LOG Record.
  • Datalink: ethernet (RJ45), remote control and log download.
  • Footprint: 416x676mm(leaking tray is included.
  • Language:English/Mandarin.
  • Patented product.
  • Able to integrate resistivity meter and upload by ethernet.
ADU 14E1 Fluid Dispensing System
UDM ADU-143I Touch Panel User Flow

LDS Series

The UDM Systems® LDS series is a single saw system designed with computerized digital capabilities to deliver precisely the set up mixing ratio for optimum results.
Get enhanced performance, features, and capabilities with closed-loop feedback from UDM Systems®. LDS series lubricant dispensing systems to enhance your die-separation process.
LDS Series Dispensing System
LDS System Interface
No user calculations are necessary as the computer automatically adjusts the lubricant dispensing based on DI water flow rate.
There are no electrical connections to the saw and the dispenser will automatically start and stop in synchronization with the saw process. Pump output monitoring, saw recipe synchronization, and alarm synchronization are also available features upon request.
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