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The Heart of Electronics

Calender April 14, 2016 at 2:34pm

The Heart of Electronics

Calender April 14, 2016 at 2:34pm
Semiconductor ManufacturerWafer Dicing Lubricants

Even though people may not notice them, semiconductors are everywhere! From our cell phones to computers, to the latest robot vacuums, they make up the heart of all electronic devices. It doesn’t seem like this industry is fading out any time soon as some of the financial estimates expect the semiconductor industry to reach $389.4 billion by 2019.

Thanks to the technology boom of the early 21st century and with more innovative electronic devices, gadgets and telecommunication products being developed daily, choosing the right products for your semiconductor research or manufacturing team is a key component for success.

One of the similarities between the largest semiconductor manufacturers like Intel, Samsung and Qualcomm that the general public doesn’t see, is the manufacturing processes that ultimately lead to higher yield and profitability. Some of the ways to maximize higher yield and profitability during manufacturing is to reduce the electrostatic buildup, enhance lubrication, enable sawdust dispersion and provide cleaner bonding pads.

Backed by more than 20 years of experience and based out of Raleigh North Carolina, UDM Systems provides lubricants to help semiconductor manufacturers achieve those objectives with their products in the L300 Series. The L300 series combines unique features such as sodium and potassium free, biodegradable, non-hazardous and easily disposable material. Its outstanding wetting properties and excellent rinsability help to enhance wafer cut quality while extending blade life up to 30%.

Along with providing the lubrication products in the L300 series, UDM Systems offer personal visits with on-site training, including presentations and exams to ensure your engineers are equipped with knowledge of the products in use at your facility.

UDM Systems prides themselves on offering a whole system solution, not just a product.

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