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L-Series Advantages

UDM Systems® L-Series Over DI Water & Other Coolants or Lubricants

Surface Tension Reduction

UDM Systems® L-Series used as an additive to the de-ionized (DI) water reduces the water surface tension from 70 dynes/cm to 25.0 dynes/cm. This reduction allows cooling water to penetrate down in the Kerf. (The higher the surface tension the harder it is for cooling water to penetrate down in the Kerf).

Heat Transfer Optimization

UDM Systems® L-Series optimizes dicing process by dissipating heat and reducing friction at the contact zone (contact point of the dicing blade and work piece).

Sawdust Dispersion

Improperly cooled dicing wheel will "load up" with debris and thus reduces the wear rate of the blade and prevent the exposure of fresh diamonds needed for cutting. UDM Systems® L-Series disperses the swarf particles (sawdust) generated during dicing thereby preventing the compaction of swarf, which is the main cause of chipping and die wall micro cracks.

Extend Blade Life

A dicing wheel cooled with UDM Systems® L-Series treated water increases blade life by about 20-40%. The wheel will run cooler with much less drag and will be less susceptible to metal fatigue. UDM Systems® L-Series effectively frees the working edge of swarf (sawdust). Sawdust will not abrade the sides of the dicing wheel, which ultimately increases the life of the blade.

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Reduction

Dicing with UDM Systems® L-Series treated de-ionized (DI) water reduces ESD without increasing the acidity of the cooling DI water. Static charges cause swarf (silicon dusts) to adhere to wafer surface, thus causing bonding and contamination problems. Dicing with UDM Systems L-Series treated DI water reduces or completely eliminates ESD and therefore prevents wafer surface contamination and improves bonding pad integrity and die reliability.

Improve Wafer and Die Reliability

Wafer and die reliability are significantly improved with use of UDM Systems® L-Series. Improvements include reduction in chipping, micro-cracking, cleaner bonding pads and increased die yields. The die-yield increase alone more than justifies the cost of UDM Systems® L-Series Products.

Is UDM Systems® L-Series safe?

UDM Systems® L-Series is completely safe for all types of materials including Silicon, Piezo, Lithium Niobate, Lithium Tantalite, Gallium Arsenide (GaAs), Silicon Germanium, Sapphire and Glass etc.
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