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Green, Greener, Greenest?

Calender December 1, 2015 at 11:00am

Green, Greener, Greenest?

Calender December 1, 2015 at 11:00am
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Green, Greener, Greenest?? (Is there a best shade of green in the pursuit of clean energy?)

In today's manufacturing and production environments, the term “Green Manufacturing” can mean two things:

  1. The manufacturing process – the world of manufacturing has embraced the ideas of green (or “clean”) manufacturing. Now that the sing-a-long-campfire that had brought us all together is a distant smolder, it's time for action. Incorporating green products and green technologies into an existing manufacturing process can be difficult and time consuming. Considering many industries (like semiconductor manufacturing) are running often at capacity, it's a tricky logistics plan at best. However, the commitment to incorporate biodegradable, environmentally friendly products and processes is happening. Items like biodegradable and non-toxic solutions from UDM Systems are being used more and more in the manufacturing process of semiconductors and photovoltaic cell production. It's a step. And a pretty good one. In this element, it's what's called “greening” manufacturing.

  2. The products – Ok, we know we are “greening” the manufacturing process, and in the end creating products that support green energy as well as environmentally friendly products that lessen the carbon footprint across the planet. Now, these products can be incorporated into the production of energy to power manufacturing facilities that can take the next step in producing environmentally friendly products for consumers.

The latest effort is what's called the CleanTech Los Angeles iHUB. This collaboration between City of Los Angeles, JPL, L.A. Water&Power, UCLA, USC, CalTech, Port of Los Angeles, SolCal Gas, and Los Angeles County (and many more...) is geared to help development and deployment of green technologies that support sustainability and environmentally friendly technologies to manufacturing sectors, with solutions to implement these clean technology alternatives. This effort is the largest culmination of organizations in the world focused on the development and implementation of green technologies. As this incubator grows, the idea is that more of these are launched, ultimately on a global scale.

Ok, back to the Shades of Green. If we look at it, the first shade of green is adopting products and processes into the manufacturing process. Secondly, when we incorporate those products into the second tier manufacturing of end products for consumers, we get even greener. No, it's not easy being green (to steal a quote from a famous frog), but we're doing it, and getting better at it every day.

To learn how UDM Systems contributes to this, and how it may fit into your production process, check us out and then give us a call:, we may be able to green things up for you!


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