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Getting aggressive about passive solar energy

Calender February 5, 2016 at 8:00am
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The use of solar energy and the technology behind it are on the evolutionary fast track in the race to incorporate green, renewable resources into our daily consumption of power at home and in our offices, factories, and commercial buildings.

But did you know that there are two fundamental types of solar technology? Yep, we are all about to get a little smarter. In the world of solar technology, tech is divided into “active” and “passive”. The photovoltaic panels and solar thermal collectors that actively harness solar energy are considered active solar technologies. Passive solar technology, on the other hand, refers to room and building construction that takes advantage of improved air circulation while orienting the space to maximize sunlight exposure.

What we know about passive solar technology dates back to the Anasazi. Their structures were built on the south side of the Mesa Verde cliffs under the shade of the overhang. While this kept their home cool and protected from the desert sun, their placement of windows in the 200+ rooms throughout the structures maximized the sunlight inside the structures. While the orientation of their structures maximized the shade from the overhang during the hot summer months, during the fall and winter months, the sun not only lit the rooms, but provided consistent warmth. Fast forward to 2016, and you'll find many architects are using the same design strategies for houses and commercial buildings. By orienting structures for optimal lighting and solar heat, they are directly affecting the how much fossil fuels will be needed for power. That, along with the incorporation of active solar technology, like photovoltaic panels, architects, building engineers, and respective owners are creating a formula that significantly reduces the need for fossil fuel-based power solutions.

While passive solar technology doesn't require a specific manufacturing process to be utilized, active solar technology most certainly does. Luckily, 2016 has been identified as a year of commitment to progress towards creating clean and environmentally friendly manufacturing solutions. One company at the forefront of this effort is UDM Systems.

UDM Systems is committed to green manufacturing, and supporting clean energy. One way UDM is helping is with environmentally friendly manufacturing fluids. These fluids are used in the manufacturing of photovoltaic cells and semiconductors. By offering a solution that doesn't contribute to toxic waste and is biodegradable, UDM is helping the manufacturing process get greener with each step.


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